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 O-1 Visa Applications and U.S. Agents


Rivalis, Inc. is a California corporation headquartered in downtown San Diego, California. 


Rivalis offers agency and management services to those with extraordinary ability in athletics, the sciences, arts, education, business, or motion picture and television by acting as a U.S. Petitioner for visa applications.


Rivalis also serves internationally recognized athletes, individually or as part of a team, or members of internationally recognized entertainment groups by acting as a U.S. sponsoring organization or U.S. agent. 


In addition, Rivalis also acts as a U.S. agent for those foreign employers in need of a U.S. agent for sponsorship of foreign talent.


Unless a U.S. agent files the O-1 or P-1 petition, a foreign worker seeking the O-1 or P-1 visa must file multiple applications for more than one employer.    


Rivalis was founded to provide a solution to foreign athletes who do not want their visas tied to a single employer but would like to use the agency concept to assist in allowing work with multiple employers.  This saves foreign athletes and entertainers money in the long run as only one visa application needs to be filed rather than several applications for each employer.

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